Professional Painting & Decorating
Contractor  Lic: 326367C

At Pellachrom Sydney, we provide our wide experience with Commercial Industrial work for you, including detailed product knowledge to help you decide on the right materials for your building. In addition, our expert workers take the time to do every step of the project correctly, including the laborious preparation, so that your projects will receive maximum performance. Painters Pellachrom Sydney also work evenings, weekends, holidays and business shutdown time in order to prevent unnecessary disruption to your organization.

Our customers hire us because they know they can trust us to do a great job.

Our Promise (what we will do)

High quality finishes and thorough prep work without compromise
A crew you can trust and interact with regarding your project.
The comfort of knowing your home will be protected
A lasting relationship with people who truly care about their craft.
Our Mission (how we will do it)

Value the relationships we build
Care for the needs of our customers 
Provide a friendly, quality-oriented experience
Enjoy the benefits of a job well done 

Our interior painting services include:

All work done according to National WHS General Construction Lead-Safe work practices
Thorough protection of floors and furnishings
Cleaning and preparation of surfaces to assure proper adhesion of new coatings
Priming bare wood / drywall and patched areas
Caulking to fill cracks and nail holes
Application of premium paint according to manufacturer's specifications.
Cleanup and disposal of trash.
Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting services include:

Perform all work according to WHS Lead-Safe work practices
Pressure wash biodegradable cleaners to help remove dirt, mildew and oxidized surfaces
Install 6-mil plastic to catch paint chips, cleanup daily
Install wedgevents to relieve interior moisture vapor on houses with blistering problems
Scrape to remove loose and peeling paint
Sand bare wood to provide sound substrate for priming
Prime bare wood with high-performance primers, especially on older homes
Caulking to fill nail holes, cracks and missing window glazing
Application of premium paint according to manufacturer's specifications.
Thorough cleanup, daily and at end of job.